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Oman Mail
By TI3GIB @ Saturday, January 27, 2007
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As soon as I got home from my physics examination, which I'm really worried about, my mother asked to go to claim a package that we received a couple of days back from the post office. I haven't been to the new mail outlet after the privatization of the sector in June last year.

Consumer wise, the privatization of cellular networks, internet and mail sectors haven't produced any notable improvement. Apart from Nawras, there hasn't been any true flourishment and competition. There is ongoing effort into introduce new services and technologies but privatization hasn't evolutionized or revolutionized the way these companies operate, and Oman Mail is no exception.

I went into the building and was greeted by a large room with approximately nine service counters, two of which are active. I looked and headed to the 'Package Claim' empty stall and waited. A lady on a desk inside noted my presence and ignored me and continued not doing her job. I called her out and asked for help, instead of her coming and seeing how she can help me, she bluntly called out back from around 3 meters away "What do you want ?". I waved around my notice paper and she asked if the name on the notice slip is mine, and if I have ID for it. I ran to the car and got my driver's license, and came back. I stand at the counter, while she's still comfortably seated far away. I put the ID and the slip on the counter as she took off (the effort she put into getting of her fat ass sure matched up with a take off') sighing. Had a look at the paper, and asked me to meet her at the other counter, and so I did, but Miss Lazy decided she'll have a nice little lady talk before she served the customer. I'm sorry, but I'm really not paying you to socialize on my clock.

Anyway, she looks through a couple of mail containers for 5 minutes and heads to her computer and types a few things out, and claims that the package isn't visible in the system. She tries to type a few things out but the computer refuses to and displays an array of error messages. "Your package has been claimed", and I asked if that's what the computer said, "No, I can't find it in the system".

They ask you to sign the slip then take it for official purposes. Now, how would I still have the notice slip if someone already claimed the package ? .. She looked confused for a moment and went back to look harder. I've now spent 20 minutes trying to get the stupid letter, she calls their manager and has explains the situation to him. They take the next 10 minutes, looking and arguing (in front of all the customers). The guy pops up at the window and hands me the package, marks an X on the paper where I'm supposed to sign. I scribble down at the paper, and leave looking upset.

I believe that first impressions are often the truest, and this one truly sucked. 30 Minutes to find a letter ? With the use of a computerized 'system' ? .. You gotta be kidding. To be fair, I haven't really heard many complaints from them, especially with the option of having your "city-hall-paperwork" done all in one place. I hope they integrate the directorate of traffic and vehicles services from the Police soon, maybe it'd make the privatization worth it.

Lighter Note :-
I hate it when people stare at you, and don't say hi. If you're gonna look, you might want me knowing of it to take the awkwardness of the situation out. Out of good nature, sometimes if I notice people looking I say hii, or wave my hand a little and most people draw this 'stop acting like you know me' look on their faces. At least, most Omani people do.

While I was walking out the post office, I saw this old Anglo man, and just for the sake of it I dropped a friendly 'hey' gesture. The man smiled back and said hii !! ... Maybe there is good in people after all. Walking down the car park I saw this other English lady dead frozen in the middle of the road. She was too engrossed in the letter she got she that stopped right where she was and read it as tears slowly flowed down her face, tears of joy. She didn't notice me walk around and get into my car, she hurriedly paced towards her car (which was parked right beside mine) opened the door and rested her head on the steering wheel before she broke down to tears. I just sat there watching her until she finished, she only noticed me while trying to turn her engine on and knew that I was watching her (pervy, eh ?), she flashed me a thumbs-up before smiling and driving away.

I went off topic, sorry ...

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I Will Kill The Neighbours Kids
By TI3GIB @ Friday, January 26, 2007
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Everyone has an annoying neighbor, you don't like them, they don't like you, you both agree on that, everyone lives happily ever after. Right ? ... WRONG ! That only works if you have one annoying neighbor, it's a whole different scenario with an annoying neighborhood.

This is not something I've put any thought to this really, it's just the large number of little incidents that accumulated over the years that got me to this thinking. You might think to yourself what might trigger one into outbursting on his neighbors like that ? .. Answer ? THE STUPID FUCKING NEIGHBORS KIDS AND THEIR NEW 'OLD' SWING.

I will seriously kill them, I have a physics term final tomorrow and I actually tried (happens once in a blue moon) to study optionally before I have to study for it -you know, a couple of hours before the exam- and what do I get in return ? A stupid 9 year old moron that just discovered how much fun it is to play with an old rusty swing. It's like trying to listen to a donkey screaming hee-haws at the top of his lungs because it's being tortured by James Blunt music. Even worse, James Blunt LIVE music.

My Neighborhood, house highlighted
Please don't stalk me, please.
Taken through Google Earth

It's traditional for an Omani family to have a rifle gun inside a household, usually, which is only used to fire celebratory rounds in occasions such as Eid, rarely in the capital and more towards the interior, for once, I'll put that rifle to use and shoot the bloody kid and his bloody parents for giving him an old swing.

Why are you judging your whole neighborhood because of what one little kid did ? Because it doesn't get any better, maybe it's not a swing or whatever, but I've never been in good terms with any of my neighbors. All the kids my age are morons, and I see who they take after, their parents. Imagine this scenario : Neighbor's mother (who happens to be a teacher) visits my mother, ti3gib goes out of his room and runs into neighbor's mother, "Why aren't you studying, Ti3gib ?", Ti3gib : "Uh ..". Ti3gib really thinking : None of your fucking business bitch, if you're so concerned about people, why don't you teach your kid to knock the door or ring the bell before he let's us all know how much of an unbehaved bastard he is, the hard way, huh bitch ? .. Yeah thought so ..... I only wish

The last 'big' thing I remember of, is this. Since my room has an flashy orange color, the roof hawks, just can't stop looking in and seeing what's worth looking at. Stop looking into my room you fucking pervs. I can't just close the curtain, they look in through the 'light' window. That's nothing compared to the fact that the roof hawks opposite to the other window are GIRLS.

If it weren't for my only 3-years-older than me super-cool friend. I would've blown this whole place apart. Lucky for them. The rest are the reason misanthropy exists, and more reason why I should be a misanthropist.

Excuse my rage

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Temporary ? Permanent ? ... Who cares ?
By TI3GIB @ Wednesday, January 24, 2007
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I'm not clairvoyant, but sometimes, little occurrences happen that make me think twice about that. That's not what this entry's about, I just thought it was funny that I've speculated something 24 months ago and I thought today of how it might've been true. Might've

Back in the Sabla days, in January 2005, I started a thread about the weather change that unexpectedly happened in Oman after the Asia Tsunami took place a month prior to that. I asked about how permanent it was and it's reason.

I was driving back home today, with the windows rolled (roll, lol, old school) down. The weather these past few days has been delightful. I mentioned previously that nice weather could be a conversion point to good mood for me, and after the mess I made in today's Maths test, relying on that didn't fail me. It rained last night, and even though I was pissed at first because I had taken the car for a wash yesterday, and got dirt on my dishdasha (thoob) while getting in this morning, I forgot all about it and enjoyed a great day. Nice, cool and breezy.

Click on picture for a larger size and better View
Weather Today Jan 24th, 2006 from Al-Hamra, Qurum

Nice, cool and breezy and far better than how it was around two weeks ago. I'm not a certain-time person, but for those past two weeks, I've been sleeping during the day, and staying up at night. I enjoy the calmness, serenity and privacy in it , that until it starts to become really chilly (unbearably cold for Omani standard) where the temperatures have easily hit 15°C, and even got as low as 13°C one night. in Muscat ! I wouldn't have minded it, but I went out to look for a decent sweater and sadly my attempts have returned empty handedly, so I spent every night reading blogs, wrapped in blankets, and freezing my butt cheeks together. According to Wunderground (Which I've found to be quite reliable and accurate) 20°C, and it's predicted that it will get as low as 16°C tonight, so if you're going out, wear something heavy.

Does this all mean that Tsunami triggered a permanent climatic change to this region on earth ? .. I don't know, probably not, but it certainly was drastic, and it hadn't toned down a lot since. Is this good ? bad ? has it affected sector wise ? economically ? I know just as much as you do (that unless you know something).

Merry though : Hug each other, warmth.
Unpleasant thought : Still cant' find a nice sweater/jacket.

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TI3GIB is a school kid ...
By TI3GIB @ Tuesday, January 23, 2007
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So I was thinking in the shower the other day (that’s where 90% of my brilliant ideas come to my mind, and that’s why everyone thinks they ‘stink’), that was the same day and after my Arabic term final, and I realized that .. I’ve never had a single sane normal Arabic teacher, all of them were whack jobs, or had something really weird or unique about them, and I’ll tell you about the most interesting ones from them all.

I don’t really remember the ones I had before grade 3, I wasn’t too young to remember, so it’s kind of weird and inexplicable, but I guess since most the shit we took back then was the alphabet, I love mommy and daddy, Ahmed is a farmer sentences and teaching us how to read and shit (I started reading manageably at KG, ahead of the rest – toldja I’m smart), so anyway, I’ll start with my 4th grade Arabic teacher.

1) Miss Samar : Ok, I was way too young to comprehend or even process this, but this lady was HOT. Jordanian, if I remember correctly, in her mid-twenties. My perversion phase (that sadly never ended) hadn’t started in Miss Samar’s days, but I always knew there was something special about the way everything was ‘tight’ on her (lol). I remember her being a fast writer, so when she used to raise her hand and write in the blackboard .. wrote really fast .. everything would .. mmm, USE YOUR IMAGINATION ! Ohh and when she used to kneel down to mark our notebooks, everything would ... use your imagination again (your fucking lucky day) !

2) Mr Ahmed : Egyption, mid-twenties. This guy was huuuuuge, I mean really really buffed up. The boys in class would drool at the thought of having biceps like this guy’s instead of focusing on anything he’s saying, and I remember us going up to him and asking him what he did to make them this big. He also always spoke in Fluent Arabic (فصحى), half what he said was coherent and the other half required a معجم (Arabic Dictionary).

3) Mr Samer : Syrian, Mid-twenties. I don’t remember a lot about him, but .. I think he was gay. I never knew what gay people were like, or how they looked. To us (the boys), it wasn’t more than a name-calling tool we experimented in tossing around, but after I grew up and learned how to tell a straight person from a gay one (very grown up, huh ?) and remembered him, I realized it. He always wore REALLY tight pants, and they always looked nice, not nice the gay way, nice the designer-pants way. He even had a weird walk, stance, talk and even the spike hair … The whole nine gay yards.

4) Mr Awad ? : Palestinian/Jordanian. Late-forties. I’m not really sure if that’s his name. This guy was a mess, he only lasted a term with us. He was an expert in Arabic, but he was the worst teacher ever. He had no control over us at all, and we did everything we wanted to do, and anytime we wanted to do it. He used to have tantrums … like everyday, and I don’t blame him, we really outdid ourselves with this teacher and were the reason of his mental breakdown. Imagine what Dr Phil would feel like if you taped his mouth, that’s what I saw happen to this guy. I mean he was a good guy, a great guy, What other teacher would tell you about sex-related poems in Grade 9 ? and laugh around about silly things ? I really feel sorry for all the mess I did in his class. I’m sorry Mr. Awad (I hope that’s your name).

5) Mr Mohammed Hassan : Jordanian. Early 40s. I started this guy’s nickname, Saddam. He looks like him a lot, the mustache, the tone of speech, the dialect (almost), ohh and the way he threatened us was Saddam-ish too. He used to threaten us when he shouted at us for being too noisy or annoying or whatever. “بمسح ابوجهك الأرض” (that means : I’ll sweep the floors with your face) was the kind of threats he made, but he never ever touched a student with the intention to hurt him (there is always usual playful ‘get out of my hand twister grip’ if you can thing) . Fun, and good teacher, I still see him in school.

6) Miss Azza : She was the replacement to Mr Awad (the psycho job). I don’t remember a lot about her, but she was very much like the Egyptian ladies you see in Egyptian series. The loud-mouthed, gum-chewing, talking about the neighbors tone kind of lady. She wasn’t too anything, but we sometimes had fun, and made fun of her in class. Howa Feeh A ?

7) Miss Wafaa : Our current teacher. Egyptian. Mid-thirtees. Day one this year, we see her name on the teacher’s grid assigned to our class, the first thing the fuckjobs in our class decide to do was write a complaint petition to the administration asking them to change our teacher for the ‘better’ one (a fun guy, who talks about Real Madrid & Barcelona matches half the lesson), even though none of them (or I) have studied with her ever before. Next day she comes in the class saying “mmm, First of all, my name is Miss Wafaa .. and I’d like to thank everyone who sent their compliments of me to the administration.” Everyone feels awkward, and I start laughing. I did sign, but I felt peer-pressured into it (and I say I’m not easy .. )

UPDATE : I remembered who my Grade 1-3 arabic teacher is, when I wrote about the last one. Her name too was Miss Wafaa, and I don’t’ remember much about her, but I remember that .. she sadly passed away. الله يرحمك و يذكرك بالخير يا مس وفاااء..

I don’t like to talk a lot about when I was a kid, but taking that drive down memory lane was rather interesting, maybe I’d do more. Blog us about your teachers and link yourselves back in the comments.


A Big Bag Of Tags
By TI3GIB @ Friday, January 19, 2007
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Woohooo ! First tag by Arabian Prince ..

What will happen to your e-mail when you die?
Happy thought : Archived in a museum in my memoriam.
Reality : Forgotten and Spammed

Did you try once to give the password to someone? If yes, what kind of relation that you have with this person to trust him/her and give him/her the key of your secrets?
Yes, I did. Since I have the same password for everything, and being the internet addict I am, I sometimes manage to get accounts in hard to access websites (Nothing illegal *runs away*), and since not any one can get accounts, people beg me so they can use mine. It's okay since it's usually family (I have nothing to hide), but sadly someone who shouldn't, does know my password.

Your famous nickname among your Friends?
Al-Sahabi (means Prophet's follower - long story)

Your age?

Your horoscope?
Taurus. Let's read todays shall we ? "You are practical and persistent. You have a dogged determination and work like hell. Most people think you are stubborn and bullheaded. You are nothing but a goddamned communist. You have an intense love for whips and chains. ---[1]" and "Warm and caring are your most endearing characteristics. You get on well with most people because you're bisexual. You hardly ever wear underwear and you constantly smell of piss. ---[2]"


Your qualifications?
I am qualified to kick yer ass if you don't stop it with the stupid questions !

Your character "personality"?
I'm happy, fun-loving, caring, funny, smart and intellectual ... WTF ?

What travel means to you?
Seeking proof that history isn't just words in old dusty forgotten books.

Your time out of peak
Good weather + Good company + Change Of Routine

What do you purchase?
I haven't done any purchases for things I really want, because most of things I want right now are $. My last purchase was .. new front brake pads and rotors for my car.

Features taken from your dad
Ration, Argument and debate skills, and failure to compromise (my opinion with other people's)

Features taken from your mom
Short temper, interest in politics and interest in art.

The most 6 things you hate
- People who don't understand musical diversity.
- Bad drivers.
- Bad drivers who think they're good drivers.
- Fake superficial shallow people.
- When good things happen to undeserving people.
- People who get influenced easily.

The most 6 things you love
- Music
- Shiny objects made from metal, composite plastic or aluminum (Cars & Electronics)
- Girls
- Knowing about how other people think.
- Friends
- More Girls

What job means to you
The end of a road that neither the journey or the outcome was worthy :D

What computer and internet mean to you
Oxygen ?

You would like to pass this tag to:-
- Oblivious
- Phat
- Snooky
- NezitiC
- Rossonero
- Bogus
- Anyone who reads this (put a link back in the comments so I know)

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Football TI3GIB Back !
By TI3GIB @ Thursday, January 18, 2007
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Not for long though, I haven't watched any football since Oman's last failure in Doha, but with Khaleegi 18 just kicking off, I'm seasonally back and my seasonal loyalty to the team is back too. I started watching less and less football around two years ago, and stopped completely around a year ago when my favorite club (Juventus) was dropped down from the top division of the Italian Football League to the second one. There was, of course, the Fifa World Cup 2006 which I watched most of in India, but didn't give much attention after Netherlands's loss to Portugal.

I really like watching football, but the way the game commercialized into fashion and reputation changed it forever, that and my extremely tight schedule, and not having the kind of commitment to follow regularly. My pay television subscription has expired and I'm not bothered to go renew anytime soon.

Both teams on lineup before kick off.
Taken through a Dreambox Linux Based digital receiver

Anyway, so Khaleegi kicked off yesterday with what I consider was the worst opening match in history. From one side, the Emaratis obviously held back after Hilal Saeed was sent off with a red card in the 27th minute, and on the other side, -and from what I noticed from Oman's game in the past couple of years- our team shines in interactive games. Games with a lot of movement, speed and enthusiasm.

I think that we barely won this one. There weren't any real forwards towards the goal, except for Isma'eel Al-Ajmi's long-kick that hit the post. Our team got to the goal with the ball a lot, but failed to create danger with it. Whenever there was a possibility for a goal, instead of taking chances, they passed the ball backwards giving the Emarati's chance to build defense and reorganize, which they did every time. I also noticed that Ali Al-Habsi isn't in shape, the Emaratis were this *pinches fingers together* close to score against him four times, and did manage to score one, with what might have been the stupidest way to stop a ball (dropping to ground). His stay in Bolton is damaging him far more than it's helping him, he should quit.

I look forward to our matches with Qatar & Iraq, they'll be far more interesting than this one. Ohh, and I'm doing a video collage for the match/matches/team which I'll be posting on YouTube when I'm done with.

Side Note : I just learned that there were three screens on the stadium that showed replays (playbacks) of what's going in the game. As far as I know, in the World Cup those screens weren't allowed to show any replays to stop influencing the referees. Thoughts, anyone ?

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On Golden Globes & Movies
By TI3GIB @ Wednesday, January 17, 2007
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I just finished watching the rewind of the 64th Golden Globe Awards ceremony which was held early morning today. I couldn't catch the event live because the timing collided with my examination schedule, and I was studying for a final while it started airing at 4:30 am in the morning. Anyway, I just finished watching the rewind, and here are a few points

Emily Blunt

I usually don't give a shit about what everyone's looking like or wearing or whatever, but I fell in love with Emily Blunt, I've never heard of her before and I don't think I've seen any of her work, but I'm definitely putting her next in line in my favorite 'grown-up' actresses list alongside with Evangeline Lilly and Mary-Louise Parker. Emily Blunt did take home (or after party) the 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television' award.

Lorraine & Jack Nicholson

Lorraine Nicholson, daughter of Jack Nicholson and another new face for me, was this year's Miss Golden Globe. She worked in Click and a few other movies. This girl is HOT, which is why I'm putting her next in line in my 'growing-up' actresses list.

The Cecil B. DeMille award is given to honor the big names that offered outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, people like Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Robin William, Michael Douglas and many others. This year it was given to Warren Beattey, who you might not be familiar with the name, but definitely familiar with the face. Personally, I don't remember many of his movies, because he only did one movie after 2000, but I will never forget his outstanding performances in his older films such as Reds, Bulworth and Dick Tracy.

Reading the nominee lists again, I realize that I haven't watched most of these movies. It's a bit contradictive with my recent entry on movies, where I said that most of the movies that came from Hollywood were crap, which has a sense of truthfulness to it. In this case, we haven't gotten most of the nominated movies here in Oman, or still haven't, even though that bandwagon has long moved on. Hype is a very important factor for the promotion of any movie, and usually news and trailers start coming up when those movies are to be released soon. In our (or mine alone's) case then we watch those movies 4 or 5 months after they released, long enough to cause that eagerness from watching the trailer to dry. It's think it's really time we start competing catching up with our neighbors, UAE, and their cineplexs, in both terms of quality and quantity.

Wrapping up, I'd like to mention a couple of movies that I'm forward to seeing soon. Thank You For Smoking, for it's political nature. Babel, because it won the best drama award. Bobby, because of it's political nature and because Emilio Estefez cried talking about it. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, because iz naiz. The Pursuit Of Happyness, becasuse Will Smith does great drama movies. Apocalypto, because Mel Gibgson is an amazing director. Death Of A President, because they kill George W. Bush in it. Epic Movie, because it came from the same people who did Date Movie and the Scary Movie series. The Simpsons Movie, because D 'Oh.

This is a scene you HAVE to watch, Sasha Baron Cohen's award acceptance speech.

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Keep your eyes on the road ....
By TI3GIB @ Sunday, January 14, 2007
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I would if those stupid flashy signs weren't up ! Ahh, you've seen them right ? The new advertising boards that are put up on the light poles all along Sultan Qaboos Highway Road.

I don't mind road advertising, but being a fast-lane driver, I get very exposed, distracted and annoyed by their back lights. If you're gonna put road advertising that divert the drivers attention, then I don't see why a strict 'no-phone-while-driving' policy is implemented. Not only that, but now they block visibility to the radars 'controlling' speed all along the highway, and the I'll-be-damned-before-I-get-a-speeding-ticket-and-so-I'll-hit-the-brakes-madly morons are sure multiplying now. Making money is real nice, but making money through road hazards isn't.

Not the best picture of what I'm talking about
Taken through camera phone

Don't get me wrong, I love our roads. They easily head the quality and cleanliness list in the region, and pretty sure they rank up quite high internationally too. The people in Muscat Municipality are sure busy, there's the new HUGE road that has Al-Khuwair & Qurum all chopped up, it must be coming along beautifully citing the number of trucks on the streets. The works on the airport roundabout, The bridge done for the expansions in city center ... It all asserts that there's going to be a notable optimization in transporting, but will that be enough to catch up with the notable growth in traffic ? Especially considering that the amount of drivers and cars hitting the streets are far more than the drivers and cars getting off of them.

I think it's time that more attention is given to public transportation. The use of buses can and will help a lot if they were utilized correctly. It can be solve a lot of problems, even financially and environmentally if you look at things on a larger scale, but will the big-headed egomongered Omani population give up their pride to take the morning commute on a public-transportation bus ? ... Not anytime soon I say

Wait, I thought I was talking about road advertisements. Ok, I'll shut up now

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Flirting & Seduction
By TI3GIB @ Saturday, January 13, 2007
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No, don't worry, I'm not gonna lecture you on how you can get hooked easily or something like that. I stumbled upon this very interesting podcast called Open Source Sex on Odeo. Odeo, is a community website to helps you find podcasts (If you don't know what a podcast is, then we're in trouble) that match your interests. I was browsing the main page and it took me to this podcast.

By this, I hope I'm not considered a 'sex crazed maniacs'. (Ok who isn't ?), I'm not, but I honestly found this podcast by luck, and it did sound interesting. The channel discusses a lot sex-related matters from health and tips and even up to techniques and descriptions in dirty details. It sounds very simple, but it was very informative to listen to . Not in a, I'm-gonna-go-try-this-on-some-chick-and-get-laid kind of way, but more in a Hmm-I-never-thought-that-people-might-see-it-from-this-kind-of-perspective one.

The show is presented by "sex educator, Fleshbot Assistant Editor and bestselling sex author Violet Blue", and if this show is popular, then I can see why, she does something really nice with her voice, makes the topic much more digestible. I really listened to it out of interest, and it turned out pretty good, you can give it a listen if you want to, or you can hit the link page and download the MP3 and listen to them on a long drive.

Open Source Sex (48 : Seduction & Flirting Part 1) :-

powered by ODEO

Open Source Sex (48 : Seduction & Flirting Part 2) :-

powered by ODEO

Ohhhh, and get protection or whatever ...



Mr. Funny Guy
By TI3GIB @ Saturday, January 13, 2007
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I was really bored today, asked a friend (on Live Messenger) to add someone, and so he did. Conversation doesn't improve much, and gets very dry very fast, and so my friend withdraws and says he's going to bed. The other guy gives me an add and this is what happens ..

T : So you added me, huh ?
K : ya !
T : What's up with you ?
K : cool, u ?
T : All good ...
[Awkward Silence]
K : so .. What are your plans for the future ?

LooooooooooL Okay, maybe it's not that funny, but I got a good laugh out of it. I mean how often does someone you don't know jump in out of no where and asks you what your plans for the future are ? Never happened to me before, or not this way at least. If you're wondering what I answered, Stay Alive and Healthy (Minimalist, my ass).

The guy turned out to be really nice, and we got to talk about education and universities and how my studying is coming along. Better, if you're wondering. We didn't get to talk that much because it was getting late and he had a 'class' tommorow, even though he told me that he already graduated.

I guess, I'll have to ask him about that ... My life without Live Messenger, can't even picture it. Thanks for the laugh, Mr Funny Guy. [Proofread this, lady]

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Boy Toys (1) : Consumer Electronics Show 2007
By TI3GIB @ Friday, January 12, 2007
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We are in the last day of the famous electronic exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES). During the 4 days of this year's event, held at sin city Las Vegas, A LOT of new gadgets, electronics, solutions and products have been announced and unveiled. There are some things that any man just can't resist. Those three things are Women, Cars, and Electronics. No matter how bad things are, anything related to a shiny hard case that has an LCD screen somewhere can get all that testosterone pumping.

Here are a few things that caught my mind ...

99% of the times I'd take functionality over design, but I've been wanting one of those little digital camcorders that slip in your pocket and come out whenever there's a YouTube moment.

I got to play around with a friend's Xacti camera before, and I just love the trigger-grip to it, this one here is a HELL lot better than my friend's one because the new HD2 has 720p support (If you don't know what that is, you might want to try crawling out of that rock you live in a little harder. See HDTV). Has 75% better low light performance than it's predecessor. 16:9 Mode. 2.2" Screen. Comes with a station-dock that has HDMI support (Yes !), oh and 10X optical zoom.

Should be out in a couple-to-few months, I'm really looking forward to see how this will preform. A very nice little camera to put in your pocket (or purse, ladies) and have HDTV (like cool gizmo thingies, ladies) on the go.
MSRP : 700$ |
Read | Pictures

What's so special about a car stereo ? Right ? ... WRONG. That is not just any car stereo, that ladies and gentlemen, is the JVC KD-NX5000 In-Dash HDD Navigation / DVD Head Unit. That little shiny black box sports a 40 Gigabyte (16 for Maps, 24 for Media), GPS Navigation, Real Time Traffic, DVD Player, and a 3.5" LCD Screen. On the navigation front, you get 2D/3D camera angles, you have USA & Canada MAPS preloaded with 13 Million POIs (Places Of Interest), and by subscription, real-time traffic reporting. I wonder if they'll have any Middle East, or Oman maps, but I'm sure that they'll manage something since the whole thing runs on Microsoft Windows Automotive platform.

Media wise, you get CD, DVD, MP3 Support, MPEG1/2 Video File Support, DivX Video Support and JPEG Photo to view on the wide 3.5" screen. You can also rip CDs & MP3 CDs straight to the built-in hard disk and navigate through your music library by ID3 Tags (Title, Artist, Album, Genre .. and such). Also comes with a remote control.

With the right accessories, you also get Bluetooth support to connect with your smart phone, an iPod adapter and A Rear-view camera (You know, the 'new' thing). You expect to find the unit as soon as February.
MSRP : 1100$ |

Ok, I know the Microsoft Zune is already and announced, but that didn't leave it out of the show. Chief Xbox executive Peter Moore said that there is a plan to give the Zune gaming facility by 2008.

That very piece of information does not interest me as much as the Zune does. It truly was built to be the iPod killer. Defeats it in terms of functionality and looks in every aspect . Better everything, except the Apple crazed public of course.

Now, that my iPod is dead, I'm in the market for a new MP3, and the Zune heads my list, but I won't be getting it anytime soon though, I'm saving up for a few things and an MP3 player isn't a priority. In fact, in the car, the PSP has been doubling as my MP3 player on the road just beautifully.

Anybody know if there's gonna be a larger hard-drived Zune anytime soon ?

The mother of all CES stories. The Apple iPhone. I don't even know if I should be using that name, because networking-giant Cisco claim that name patent belongs to them, and is already suing Apple for it, less than 24 hours after the iPhone's announce. However, that might not be the only case Apple will be sued for, the iPhone shows a striking resemblance to the LG KE850

I'll put it straight to yea, I HATE APPLE. I hate apple everything, BUT I'm really impressed by this (Sleeping with the enemy ?). Even though I'm not a huge fan of touchscreen phones because of their impracticality, try typing a long message while driving (What ? Me typing a message while driving ? Me ?). The iPhone's main design factor is that 3.5" 320X240 Pixels multi-touch screen, that also acts as the phone's dialing pad and buttons. Has a built-in 2 Megapixel camera (No fancy lens brand affiliation ?). 4 or 8 Gigabytes of storage. Bluetooth 2,0. Wifi. Quad-band GSM, which means it runs anywhere in the world. EDGE Data. OS X Support somehow

Personally, I really like how it looks, product and user interface wise. It's 11.6 millimeters thick, so I don't know if it will feel too vulnerable inside a pocket. I'm also disappointed to see that there is no 3G support, there is EDGE, which is the half way protocol between WAP & 3G. The iPhone will ship in June in the United States with a 2-Year contract plan from Cingular (Mobile Service Provider in the States), and there aren't any details about when and how it will be brought to the rest of the world.

I'm not usually a phone person, I choose something and I stick to it unless it stops working. Even though I'm loving my Nokia 6630, I really wanted to have something that I can playing around with a little more, like one of those Pocket PCs or the new Nokia 800, which is magnificent. I've been experimenting a lot with streaming media from my computer and my digital satellite receiver to another computer or device, mainly through VLC streaming servers, and it's been working quite well on both the computers, and my PSP, and I was interested in seeing how it would work on something else, which is what interested me in the Nokia 800, because it runs on Linux. Another phone that interested me was the Nokia N95, which runs on Symbian (has great third part support) and sports a magnificent 5 Megapixel, Carl Zeiss lensed camera.

With the release of this new iPhone .. I'm having second thoughts. I just wish that it doesn't block any better competition because it's an apple, like what's happening with the Zune.
MSRP : 499$ for the 4GB, 599$ for the 8GB.
Read | Pics

At the beginning of the PS3 launch, I was extremely psyched about it. At the beginning of the Wii launch I was very very psyched about it. The Xbox came a year before that, they really rushed it, which means they made a lot of mistakes, and other merits in the system covered them, but now Microsoft wants a redo.

Originally, I'm not as interested in the Xbox 360, as I am in the PS3 as a mind blowing nextgen current generation gaming console. I think the PS3 surpasses it in every level, except maybe until some other time the Xbox Live service.

Again, this wasn't really announced during CES, but details were. The new Xbox 360 (Codenamed Zephyr) is said to have a new 65nm processor, HDMI cable support for true 1080p HDTV and a larger 120 Gigabyte hard drive. The new updates make me a lot more interested in the console, especially after they announced IPTV & DVR functionality (I know we don't have that service here, or will ever) and how it will connect with the New Windows Vista.
Read | Pics

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Political Notes
By TI3GIB @ Thursday, January 11, 2007
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1. USA : President George W. Bush has announced the new american strategy for restoring creating stability in Iraq. The strategy involves the deployment of an extra 22,000 American soldiers into Iraq, despite the majority of the American people that want the troops back, and not the opposite. New Strategy = Old Strategy + 22,000. Subtracting the 3000 soldiers that were killed from the beginning of the American-led military intervention in Iraq back in 2003.

2. Iraq : A new video that shows the corpse of the late president has been released, it clearly shows there's a controversial patch of blood and bruising on his left cheek.

3. Iraq : Article 290 from the Iraqi Judicial Trialling Law states that no executions should be preformed against a convict during a religious festivity to him. Saddam Hussein was hanged in the morning of December 30th, 2006, the first day of Eid Al-Adha.

4. Iraq :The same people who amateurly supervised and preformed the execution against President Saddam Hussein are the same people who amateurly rule Iraq. The very same people who cowardly hid their faces proved that the government is controlled by sectarian influence and hidden faced Iranians. The level of involvement was obvious from how soon the execution was preformed after it being approved by the appeal court due to Iranian pressures, to make sure that no details about the Anfal and Halabja cases are revealed during the trials.

5. International : Human Rights Watch calls the appeal court even more flawed than the trialling court.

6. Iraq : Iraq will only have stability if the cowards that have more sectarian and self loyalty than they have national loyalty or patriotism are eliminated. People who don't want to hold grudges anymore, and who want to forget about the past in order to live for the future. People like the Dujail Witness who confessed that he was pressured into lying on stand, and giving a 'zoor' statement [I'm sorry I can't remember his name], and Mr. Mishan Al-Jboori who recited Al-Fatiha on President Saddam Hussein's soul despite the fact that his brother, and wife's brother were killed by the Saddam Regime.

Listen to this comment from a high-ranking American official: "It became clear that if we were prepared to stay the course, we could help to lay the cornerstone for a diverse and independent Asia…If we faltered, the forces of chaos would scent victory and decades of strife and aggression would stretch endlessly before us. The choice was clear. We would stay the course. And we shall stay the course.

That is not President Bush speaking. It is President Lyndon Johnson, forty years ago, ordering a hundred thousand more American soldiers to Vietnam.

Here is another quotation. “The big problem is to get territory and to keep it. You can get it today and it will be gone next week. That is the problem. You have to have enough people to clear it…and enough people to preserve what you have done.

That is not President Bush on the need for more forces in Iraq. It is President Johnson in 1966 as he doubled our military presence in Vietnam.

Those comparisons from history resonate painfully in today’s debate on Iraq. In Vietnam, the White House grew increasingly obsessed with victory, and increasingly divorced from the will of the people and any rational policy. The Department of Defense kept assuring us that each new escalation in Vietnam would be the last. Instead, each one led only to the next.

7. USA : "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam" said anti-war democratic senator Edward Kennedy, who submit a legislation to prevent from the deployment of any more troops into Iraq. Especially that support rates dropped to an unprecedented 70 percent against the american presence in Iraq.

8. Lebanon : Remember those assassinations the Israeli army carried out against Hamas activists Ahmed Yaseen & Abdulazeez al-Ranteesi ? Expect one against Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah soon. The CIA have been given the go-ahead to take covert action against Hizbollah. This mainly means the CIA can provide financial and logistical support and intelligence facilities to support Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. This also secretly authorizes the funding of Anti-Hizaollah groups. Read the link above, I have to quote this "The secrecy of the finding means that US involvement is officially deniable."

1. Somalia : Mmmmm, Can someone please explain to me how the Americans are helping Ethiopia by air striking Somalia to what they claimed to be following Qaeda members ? No really, I wanna know .


Too long, and stupid .. I know, I'll post something more cheerful later, Meanwhile, check out those links (which most of are in Arabic) [1][2][3][4]

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Exile ... What ?
By TI3GIB @ Wednesday, January 10, 2007
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I have failed miserably. I was right about me. I can't commit, and I'm too arrogant to make myself suffer a little. I so love myself that I wouldn't even let my future get the best of me now. I'm not saying it's entirely my fault, you can't just throw something like dedicated studying into someone's face and expect him to make it a priority overnight. It requires a steep learning curve, which I sadly couldn't cope with.

The only thing that's making me feel bad is that I keep thinking about what it could mean if I excel in this, it opens a lot of opportunities for me, and give me the previlidge of having a choice. The realist in me easily prevails over the dreamer, and I'm not the kind of person that will change his resolutions for the future like he changes socks. I know what I want, and I know how to get it. It's the going to get it part that's troubling me.

Usually, I'm a very last minute person, I postpone everything but when it's time I'm always ready and good to go. Usually the outcome to that is good-to-very good, NOT ENOUGH.

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I Have A Dream !
By TI3GIB @ Sunday, January 07, 2007
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I have a dream that one day even the state we will have fast, reliable internet connection anywhere, and everywhere ! It's still a lot of way to go, but we're one step closer to getting my dream done.

The city of San Fransisco has finalized a deal on the 5th of this month with American internet service provider EarthLink, and with alliance of web-guru Google to provide Wi-Fi internet connection city-wide.

Reading that made want to kill myself. Even though I'm quite sure that this service won't be immaculately carried out, it's far better than anything we get here. for the past 7 or so years, there hasn't been any substantial change in services or pricing. The dial-up service's price has been fixed at 180 Baisas per hour for at least 5-7 years, even after the so called broadband service was launched two years ago.

Broadband, yes, if you consider an advertised connection speed of 384Kbps broadband. Running a few bandwidth speed tests on the internet reveals shocking results from the LackofPowerNet plan.

Note : ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) differs from the more commonly used DSL. DSL uses the same amount of speed for both ways of data flow (Upload & Download), ADSL on the other hand has a different connection speed for each direction of the flow. In our case it's 384Kbps for the download, and 128Kbps for the upload. Only the first website preforms different tests for uploading and downloading, the rest treat the connection as a DSL, and records results of a single test that shows the average of both the uploading and downloading processes, which I personally think is fair, I hope you got that.

The first website I used was this one. I recorded a download speed of 298Kbps, and an upload speed of 123Kbps, which gave me 86% efficiency rate*, and a 77% Download efficiency rate.

(*)Efficiency Rate :
Result Speed/Advertised Download Speed
Result Speed/Advertised Upload Speed

Smart, eh ? I will choose to disregard the result of the second website, the famous CNET Bandwidth Meter because I suspect that it measures speed solely from the upload speed . If you're interested in finding the results though, you can find mine here.

The efficiency equation I used previously will not apply from here on, simply because I have a single average figure of both way speeds, and so I used the following one

(*)Efficiency Rate :
Result Speed X 2 (ways of connection)
Advertised Upload Speed + Advertised Download Speed

The third test I used was McAfee's , gave me 150Kbps worth of connection speed, which gave me 58% efficiency rate. I ran the last test twice on the last curiosity, I scored a 151 Kbps (58% efficieny rate) on the first one, and 188Kbps (73% efficiency rate).

To be fair, the most technically credible results is the first 86% percent efficiency rate one, because it depends on both speeds, but I shouldn't be getting two speeds in the first place. I should be getting a single, solid 384Kbps connection. What Omanhell did here, was cut corners and provided ADSL instead of going the whole and providing the better, faster standard DSL connection. I am aware that the distance from DSLAM is an important factor, but the company should have provided a strategy to battle that. Somehow.

There were rumors going on last year claiming the interest of an Indian company to try out it's luck in the Internet Service Provider scene, but the rumors soon died and we stopped getting any updates about what's going on in that field. The only real alternative is the EDGE/GPRS Internet service from Nawras (Dubbed Nawras Internet). EDGE was designed to be a technology for mobile internet, and not a residential one, which explains why the tarrifs are somewhat acceptable for mobile internet, but ridiculous for a constant use one. Same story goes with it's stability and speed, and not to mention the requirement of a postpaid plan, and a modem which both come quite heftily.

The TRA's website shows little information about what the consumer can do, and how he can complain about the services his provided. The nostalgic scam of an internet service that is.

I apologize for all the math and logic in the post, will update with something far more barney-like soon. I promise. Meanwhile tell us what kind of results you're getting from your connections, and comments if any.

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By TI3GIB @ Friday, January 05, 2007
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Hello bored ones. As much as I'm radiating with happiness about this, I sadly will not be posting for quite a while. I have 3 term final exams in roughly 9 days, another 5 in two weeks time.

Give me something that interests me, and you'll witness the fighting spirit of a Matador, then witness the bull coming down. Give me something that doesn't, and you have the slobbiest, laziest, unbearable waste of oxygen on planet earth. School work is one of those things. Sometimes, I can't help but think that I'm allergic to the paper our school books are printed on.

And so, with my general secondary term finals right around the corner, I'll try doing something I never really did before .. Study. I'm moving to my uncles place. Alone, No computer, no laptop, no PSP, no movies, no TV, no going out, no music, no magazines, no books (except for 'the' ones, of course) ... Nothing, Nothing ok ? .. Complete isolation from the almost civilized world.

Since this a first for me, I'll try to sneak out every few days, and post you up with what's going on and how much I've scratched off my "Reasons to Live" list. Until I sneak out of exile, I'll miss you people.

Wish Me Luck.

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Am I Awesome or What ?
By TI3GIB @ Friday, January 05, 2007
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Excuse the title, it's just that I haven't eaten anything for hours, haven't slept for almost 20 hours, have that tooth ache that you get when you're too focused doing anything (because you grit your teeth together) and I'm feeling a little over excited about this.

You may have noticed that some posts on this blog go back to October 2006, my intention was to start blogging again back then, and I slightly did. I haven't however given the link to the blog to anyone because it simply wasn't ready. and now it is. Welcome to my new blog.

I have had two blogs prior to this one, and both were hosted independently because -and even though it was famous- Blogger's system wasn't perfect and could've used a little more features that I wanted. That no longer is applicable, with the release of the new Blogger , a lot of that has changed.

If you have a blogger account, and you haven't migrated to the new system, then go do so now. It's very user friendly. They've implemented a new layout system which depends on Widgets, which makes organizing your blog elements drag-n-drop easy. This blog however isn't coded with the new system, I chose to use the old classic system because I'm much more familiar with it's a little easier for customizing than the new one is.

I'm very happy about this new launch and layout. Even though it looks very simple, it took me a lot of work and time to get it done exactly the way I wanted it to look. Only the new layout system had support for Categories (Labels, Tags), I had to manage something up to embed it into the a classic layout, and it's working great (Categories are marked Under Swalif in the Sidebar). Added blogs (Shoutbox me if I forgot you please), and Links (you can find a quick comment about each link if you hover on it).

I've bored you enough with the little details that no one wants to know, hopefully some real posts are coming up soon, not too soon though, I'm moving away a little to get a little more committed to studying, finals are just around the corner.

wish Me Luck

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