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First Launched at : January 5th, 2007


Oman Mail
By TI3GIB @ Saturday, January 27, 2007
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As soon as I got home from my physics examination, which I'm really worried about, my mother asked to go to claim a package that we received a couple of days back from the post office. I haven't been to the new mail outlet after the privatization of the sector in June last year.

Consumer wise, the privatization of cellular networks, internet and mail sectors haven't produced any notable improvement. Apart from Nawras, there hasn't been any true flourishment and competition. There is ongoing effort into introduce new services and technologies but privatization hasn't evolutionized or revolutionized the way these companies operate, and Oman Mail is no exception.

I went into the building and was greeted by a large room with approximately nine service counters, two of which are active. I looked and headed to the 'Package Claim' empty stall and waited. A lady on a desk inside noted my presence and ignored me and continued not doing her job. I called her out and asked for help, instead of her coming and seeing how she can help me, she bluntly called out back from around 3 meters away "What do you want ?". I waved around my notice paper and she asked if the name on the notice slip is mine, and if I have ID for it. I ran to the car and got my driver's license, and came back. I stand at the counter, while she's still comfortably seated far away. I put the ID and the slip on the counter as she took off (the effort she put into getting of her fat ass sure matched up with a take off') sighing. Had a look at the paper, and asked me to meet her at the other counter, and so I did, but Miss Lazy decided she'll have a nice little lady talk before she served the customer. I'm sorry, but I'm really not paying you to socialize on my clock.

Anyway, she looks through a couple of mail containers for 5 minutes and heads to her computer and types a few things out, and claims that the package isn't visible in the system. She tries to type a few things out but the computer refuses to and displays an array of error messages. "Your package has been claimed", and I asked if that's what the computer said, "No, I can't find it in the system".

They ask you to sign the slip then take it for official purposes. Now, how would I still have the notice slip if someone already claimed the package ? .. She looked confused for a moment and went back to look harder. I've now spent 20 minutes trying to get the stupid letter, she calls their manager and has explains the situation to him. They take the next 10 minutes, looking and arguing (in front of all the customers). The guy pops up at the window and hands me the package, marks an X on the paper where I'm supposed to sign. I scribble down at the paper, and leave looking upset.

I believe that first impressions are often the truest, and this one truly sucked. 30 Minutes to find a letter ? With the use of a computerized 'system' ? .. You gotta be kidding. To be fair, I haven't really heard many complaints from them, especially with the option of having your "city-hall-paperwork" done all in one place. I hope they integrate the directorate of traffic and vehicles services from the Police soon, maybe it'd make the privatization worth it.

Lighter Note :-
I hate it when people stare at you, and don't say hi. If you're gonna look, you might want me knowing of it to take the awkwardness of the situation out. Out of good nature, sometimes if I notice people looking I say hii, or wave my hand a little and most people draw this 'stop acting like you know me' look on their faces. At least, most Omani people do.

While I was walking out the post office, I saw this old Anglo man, and just for the sake of it I dropped a friendly 'hey' gesture. The man smiled back and said hii !! ... Maybe there is good in people after all. Walking down the car park I saw this other English lady dead frozen in the middle of the road. She was too engrossed in the letter she got she that stopped right where she was and read it as tears slowly flowed down her face, tears of joy. She didn't notice me walk around and get into my car, she hurriedly paced towards her car (which was parked right beside mine) opened the door and rested her head on the steering wheel before she broke down to tears. I just sat there watching her until she finished, she only noticed me while trying to turn her engine on and knew that I was watching her (pervy, eh ?), she flashed me a thumbs-up before smiling and driving away.

I went off topic, sorry ...

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;By Blogger Snooky, at January 27, 2007 4:47 PM  
gBoredom is the reason, though it is still not an excuse. Imagine you work as a reception guy in a hotel or club, sitting for hours doing nothing, you will getaggresive at some customers or guests, at least sometimes.


;By Blogger TI3GIB, at January 28, 2007 11:05 AM  
It might be true, but .. uhhh


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