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By TI3GIB @ Monday, December 31, 2007
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You seriously need to watch this. The guy's a Gulliani surrogate.

Ron Paul x Mike Gravel FTW.

Ok now, I'm off to my cave.

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Question Please. Oman's 2008 Budget.
By TI3GIB @ Monday, December 31, 2007
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I know the proposed budget for 2008 will be approved by (Makki, Sultan ?) in a few days. I've read the contents and even though the numbers do seem a little unsettling in light of growth rates of economies internationally, everything seems to be in lack of order, which is pretty much right. I have a question though, and I do hope that anyone who reads this and has a clue please explain elaborately. It goes like this.

If the government was planning any flat percentage salary raises, shouldn't they be included in the awaiting approval budget of 2008 ? If the answer is no, and such a plan is revised later on in the year, does it get included in the budget when it's applied or do these funds go out of the national reserve ?

The post Guno expenditures. Were they entirely taken from the reserve or were they deducted from oh-seven's budget ? Is there a post year report on 07 that illustrates what happened post Guno ?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I just realized that the most fitting name for 2007 in Oman is .. Guno Year ?



Blogging On Demand : Bidoons
By TI3GIB @ Friday, December 28, 2007
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Hessa : Regarding bidons in Kuwait.. should we, the citizens of Kuwait, fight for their rights (nationality, health care, education, etc, or we better off without them having the Kuwaiti nationality, keeping in mind the financial burden they will cause

I have come to learn this term just recently, and if anyone else is wondering. Bidoons is the arabic term for illegal immigrants.

As to the question. I think that you, the citizens of Kuwait, should NOT invest in fighting for their rights. This approach proves tiring and draining to resources, not to mention time consuming. However, the humanitarian aspect is not to be disregarded. These are people that often left their homes and their children for a better opportunity, rarely with enough money for them to return back to their homes should things not prevail for them.

I think there are two solutions that would uni formally work for everyone. A short term solution and a long term solution. First, you need to assume that the majority of asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants leave their countries for better working opportunities. The short term solution entails granting these immigrants what's called a 'work visa'. A work visa is basically a permit that allows these workers to remain in any given country should they prove to be employed. This gives them the basic workforce rights set by the state, such as being applied to the standard working hours, health and safety guidelines and personal damages laws. This also prevents employers from reducing their pay under the minimum wages set by the state.

From an employer's perspective. This prevents him from having to deal with the recurring 'mishaps' of illegal immigrant employment and their associated problems. With the correct amount of restrictions and properly set guidelines this will relieve the state from their illegality by offering them Visas authenticated by proper state issued identification. By restrictions here, I mean not offering them nationality, unless they've completed a preset of requisites. A minimum amounts of stay years or a minimum amount of capital investment in the country and not exceed a certain quota in a criminal record.

The long term approach would be to, strengthen borders and enforce more rigid border jumping punishments under a unified United Nations asylum treaty. Preventing these people from entering the country is much easier than having to deal with them. Such a treaty would also penalize countries for certain miconducts (such as the killing, and drowning of West African population trying to get in countries like France & Spain through sea), and at the same protect the rights of these asylum seekers.

I hope that answers your question. Next Question.

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The One In Which I Explain Everything
By TI3GIB @ Friday, December 21, 2007
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Dear loyal readers,

You have been remotely concerned about my well being, since I haven't posted anything in weeks. Thank you. I've come bearing great news. Don't bother turning to this blog. This is my way of saying that I won't be "updating" it anymore, but rather posting something whenever I have anything to say.

Say for example, Now. I feel like saying that I don't like the new corvette and the new SLK is ugly as hell. There I said it, but I won't say anything else in periodical basis. I've found myself to be unable to maintain a blog.

For every established blogger out there I say 'Kudos to you, mate'. Having an updated interesting blog is a lot of work, and I've been unable to deliver either, so I'm better off not delivering anything. I don't want to go deleting this to regret not having a documentation of a thought I once had, or a person I've once been, and so I'll keep it open for myself or whomever wants to read.

I'd rather make this choice than the choice of, despite it being an often updated one, having a shallow minded, poorly drafted food blog. I've discovered that my writing skills are that of the equivalent to a sixth grader. I've never been good with structured writing, I'm slightly better on debates or conversations, and so I've devised a rather elegant solution for whomever feels the same way. It goes as such.

See that little screambox on the corner right there ? It's mainly set up for all of you to praise how great everything I do and say is, and how sexy I like under certain lighting, but now I've found more to it. The problem was that I've had so much to talk about, that I didn't know where or how to start, so I'll leave that to you. Whenever anyone of you wants to know what I have to say regarding any given thing, whether it's local news, politics, human nature, technology, music, movies or anything else, drop me a line in the screambox or on my email (below) and I will try my best to answer it.

This whole traditional casual blogging thing isn't working for me, and so I'll try this new thing for a while and see how it works. Maybe this is the best idea I've had in a while, and it would work marvelously, or it's the stupidest shit I've said all year, and it's already failing. Let's see now. I'll try to find a good way of "upping" this post so everyone knows what's going on.

Your Failure Of A Writer,
- Ti3ster.

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