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Eat. Sleep. Dysfunctional.
By TI3GIB @ Thursday, February 28, 2008
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Sadly, not the name of my next teen comedy, but rather story Of my life.

In a world that usually works against Average Joe knowing truths, and feeds on making sure that the confused little smile on Joe's face never erases as he gets impoverished economically, politically, intellectually and morally, the rarity of a deep strong profound human realization comes as both refreshing and hopeful.

While I'm not sure about refreshing and hopeful, we've hit a home run on profound human realization. Not about how the world works or how people do what they do instead of what they're supposed to do, but rather something about me, and shockingly I find it equally pleasing as those, if not more.

I realized that I'm made of metal. Wherever and however, the frosting my change a little, but the core will always be metal. Proof ? ... For those of you who don't know me enough to know that I've, since two months, undergone some life altering changes.

One, for example, would be that I'm no longer in the same country I used to be in (yet I still feel close enough to be yekh-ed out by Kuwait & Bahrain). I no longer am the unproductive hermit that I was. I go to college everyday (well, not every every day), and these arms rolled their sleeves up, after having being rolled down for more than half a year, and picked up again where it left off in the future building mission. (Major literary overkill. Sue me)

Back to the main topic (what main topic ?). I'm metal, and I have proof. Even these life altering changes did not change my outline. My thing. My Identity. The cliff notes would be. Eat. Sleep. Dysfunctional.

And when it comes to my life, I don't see another way of it happening. It's made from metal and it'll never change.

I will be taking your compliments, praises and questions on the comments.

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;By Blogger manutdfanatic, at March 24, 2008 10:05 PM  
gWhen I first skimmed through, I mistook the last line to mean "complaints, praises and yada yada".

What compliments? There are none.


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