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I've Been Saying This Shit Forever
By TI3GIB @ Tuesday, July 22, 2008
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The "Private Sector" Is Not Working For A Free Market, It's Working Between My Legs
By TI3GIB @ Tuesday, July 22, 2008
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Seriously, who would want to work for a sector that's named after genitalia ? This is a response to that person that ranted on and on about the so called benefits of working for a free market while I pretended to care about other people's opinions, but was really thinking about girls, guitars and Dire Straits albums

I just wanted to say to that person, and everyone else who agrees with him, that you're completely wrong. I admire the devotion you have for the cause, but I condemn your stupendously poor use of time and readiness to being wrong.

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Politics, Politics
By TI3GIB @ Saturday, July 19, 2008
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I don't know why I thought that having a read around the interwebs of Omani blogs was a good idea at the time, but now that I'm done, someone's definitely going to have to pay for the frog in the throat experience.

I'm specifically talking about those who commented on the recent Tier 3 drama that had snowballed recently when the US Foreign whatserface filed a report classifying Oman's human rights track record in a less than honorable position, and has recieved admirably responsive retorts in the local media (I know, shocking) and around the rice dishes in majlises all around the country.

Naturally, however, there were a few who chose against seeing the larger picture and chose to blindly agree with the report solely because of it's soundbite-iness, and refusing to look at the debacles context within the larger picture.

I will not comment on the topic myself because I won't say anything that hasn't been said before, but I will say this to those who're less enthusiastic about condemning the report or questioning it's validity. Just shut up. Your arguments are ill informed and your politics are severely distorted.

Life's too short to dance with fat chicks.

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مب كيفكم احط تايتل و لا ما أحط
By TI3GIB @ Saturday, July 19, 2008
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I've been taking Bahraini lesson ^

I'm bored, and the blog's under some serious LOAS (Lack of Appreciation Syndrome), and I'm just sick of Amjad's ridiculous two liner blogs. Which pretty much adds up to everything sucking endlessly.

So I'll do the natural thing and consider deleting the blog for good, but then I remind myself of how much buttons I'll have to click for that. Please note that I'm now 19 years old, not 17 as the profile suggests, and that's 4 clicks, 5 tops. Maybe a couple of key strokes.

So I'll just fiind something to bitch about for a few minutes before I try to go read something that I might trip on and hurt myself badly on if I didn't (all the unread books go on the floor, along with everything else).

So you should have understood by now how this blog really works (you should have also noticed by now that I start every paragraph wih so). I usually find something to bitch about and try to resolute to learning something new about myself through it, but I'll make an exception for this post. Partly, because I don't wish to expand on one of a lot of particular of the many that are bothering me now, and partly because favouring one thing by hating it more would only make me hate the unfavoured less, and if we've realised anything from post dated 29th August 2007, it's that I hate everything that I hate in a perfectly proportional to how much they suck.

So I'll save my and yourselves a lot of time (Honestly, I just want to make more self-loathing time for everyone) and tell you new realizations that you will oblige to agreeing with me on blindly.

Things that are utterly and completely an absolute waste of precious brain cells :-

Greek Mythology. Sigmond Frued. Muscat. University Admission "Officers". Shatti Cinema. Oman Mail (or whatever they're called). Oman Mobile. Nokia. Apple. Samsung Airconditioners (Don't ask). Range Rovers. Range Rovin' Drivin' Cocks (I wouldn't do the victory dance just yet, Porsche Cayenne, you're right up there) and Amjad.

Now please post something purposeful in the comments section. I've been reading your comments lately and if I didn't know there will be a lot of clicking involved, I would have cleaned the place up a little.

Later Losers.

p.s. It must've felt great when Bill Hicks found out that he was gonna die from cancer and got up on stage and took the piss on everyone.



Farewell Mancester, You've Been Sexy
By TI3GIB @ Thursday, July 17, 2008
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I got the bad news a few days ago. I will not be returning to Manchester. I got a conditional offer from them back in April but unfortunately I couldn't meet their required academic standard. Had there been some room for tango I would've rang 'em up and tried to work out something, but unfortunately they're fully UCAS-committed and negotiation is out of the question.

I've already secured a place in another university, and I'm talking to two other universities to see if they might be interested in offering me a place as well.

Manchester, You've been great.

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By Amjad @ Friday, July 11, 2008
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Ti3gib's nickname has now officially been changed to TIZGIB. Thanks to the Filipino lady at the Oman Bowling Center in al-Khuwair.

P.S: I was supposed to post about this last week, but I totally forgot about it.


Random Thought
By TI3GIB @ Friday, July 04, 2008
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Jackie Chan turned out not to be dead, but I'm still hoping he'd stop making movies. Especially ones with Owen Wilson.