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The grandest scientific event of this century was is starting, and what are you watching ? .. The stupid fucking Apple Let's Rock Keynote
By TI3GIB @ Wednesday, September 10, 2008
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For those of you who live with us here on earth, you probably would have known that European Organization for Nuclear Raesearch's Large Hadron Collider 26-kilometer proton smashing machine was inaugrated earlier today for the first test runs. 

The 26 kilometer tunnel is created simply to generate two charged protons (positively charged particles) to travel at the speed of light in opposite directions then to only collide in the middle to further break down to other particles.

Scientists believe this process will provide "exciting" knowledge opportunities of the how the universe started, how biological life started and other breakthroughs in physics, chemistry and medicine.

The first test was to determine the machines ability to create and control the proton succesfully and to move along the 26 kilometres. The next test was to determine the same, but in the other direction. Both tests were succesful. Both tests were also streamed live all over the internet, and through various live feeds and it was very exciting watching those.

I'm only glad that this is already greater than anything space exploration has brought to us.

Even google is in on the fun.
Live analysis, and a live feed from the control room of the LHC can be found here

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Well Done, Hi FM
By TI3GIB @ Monday, September 08, 2008
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Hi FM Radio on 95.9 have just launched a giveway campaign, promising thousands of dollars worth of goodies ranging from AV equipment, silly plain cash, or laptops throughout the month of September.

I tuned in this morning to the Darren Shortt's Breakfast show from 6:00 to 9:00 and in the course of three hours he gave away 450 rials in cash to 3 listeners, and a Bose discman to another listener. I haven't tuned in for the Kathy Cole afternoon 'big drive back' show which as the Hi FM Radio website indicates has had simillar giveaways.

I have great respect for the the work these guys are doing here. An easy notch up from the Faiq on the Mic show which I haven't listened to since Hi FM launched. Just wanted to alert everyone of the really cool campain. 

You can tune in on 95.9 all around muscat, or you can stream a live feed from their website.

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أقولكم سالفة
By TI3GIB @ Monday, September 08, 2008
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Inzain. My morning papers tradition has been long left dusting in the uncomplete crooked shelves of my existence (Lovely, innit ?) I had an urge the other day to go through the dailies. These were the dailies of the day in which the Ministry Of Commerce released a statement asserting dishdasha tailors to commit to the 'áccepted' design óf the Omani dishdasha, and not get excessively conformative with the wishes of some of their more creative customers.

I was rather impressed with the decision. It came perfectly preemptive, and the language delivered the seriousness suitable for the sensitivity of the matter.

I was then surprised to see that some of the aforementioned more creative customers, came barking back with claims that new regulations are against personal liberties, not soundly enforceable and out of the Ministry of Commerce's turf in the first place.

I had previously posted a comment in a blog post in which the topic was discussed, after which the blog owner very conveniently deleted, but for the sake of the better good I will repost my comment here.

The argument said that the government putting out a warning like this one is against the personal liberty of choice of clothing. To think that would be utterly stupid, simply because the government CAN tell you what not to wear. Logically, if the government can control what is not to be worn, they can with equal power control what can. The government can choose to decide that no conceivable item of clothing is allowed to be worn (which kinda would be fun), which in effect has eliminated every choice you have of choosing in what to wear. Saying anything against that is a logical fallacy.

I was rather surprised at these people hoping that this would not be enforceable. A completely ridiculously argument easily countered by a simple visit to the nearest dishdasha place.

Then there's Ministry Of Commerce sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. Any money in exchange for a product in Omani territory is the responsibility of the Ministry Of Commerce. This clearly being a quality control measure easily puts it within the leashes of the MOC. 

My concern here comes from being a jealous Omani, slightly too attached to a slightly struggling cultural image which everyone else seems to be taking a stab at. People who's little belonging to the land, makes it difficult to see the need for decisions that preserve and echo the makings of our identity to the future, as they have been echoed from the past. 

Not only that, but to defend against an icon which has been tampered with only to create a disgustingly vile and revolting hybrid of between some of the greatest things in the world ( Oman ) and some of the very worst. (Kuwait) is just shockingly tasteless.

و السموحة منكم ...



By TI3GIB @ Saturday, September 06, 2008
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Caramel is the first full feature film by Lebanese director Nadine Labaki. The film, released last year, elaborates on the lives of five Lebanese women and the intersecting themes of their everyday lives.

Despite very limited release, I had watched this film earlier this year when it was released in the UK. A couple of days ago, a friend told me that he had found the film in a group of art movies he got from someone and had never watched it before. I got it and watched it again last night.

I am as ever impressed. The level of production is not only reminiscent of Hollywood's latest blockbusters, but even surpasses the aforementioned. While Hollywood have recently tipped towards hyperscaling to attract attention, Caramel is effortlessly intense by getting the basics of film making right.

The masterful original soundtrack by Khaled Mouzanar (who now Nadine Labaki is married to) is an example of such. The magnificence of blending the Arabic orient and western occidental instrumentation and composition will prove challenging even for the most outrageous cross-genre-bouncers out there. The golden hue of the camera work intensifies the dramatic storyline and the makes the film much more connectible and human. The way all the factors easily fit enriches the very accommodating story. A comical, dramatic and sentimental affair.

All resulting in a distinctly encapsulated experience which I'd easily recommend to any movie lover, wouldn't recommend to someone looking for a cheap popcorn movie.

Watch this movie.

The movie's official website is available somewhere up there, you can buy the DVD here from Amazon, and I'd be happy to upload a track or two off the soundtrack if anyone would be interested in that.