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The grandest scientific event of this century was is starting, and what are you watching ? .. The stupid fucking Apple Let's Rock Keynote
By TI3GIB @ Wednesday, September 10, 2008
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For those of you who live with us here on earth, you probably would have known that European Organization for Nuclear Raesearch's Large Hadron Collider 26-kilometer proton smashing machine was inaugrated earlier today for the first test runs. 

The 26 kilometer tunnel is created simply to generate two charged protons (positively charged particles) to travel at the speed of light in opposite directions then to only collide in the middle to further break down to other particles.

Scientists believe this process will provide "exciting" knowledge opportunities of the how the universe started, how biological life started and other breakthroughs in physics, chemistry and medicine.

The first test was to determine the machines ability to create and control the proton succesfully and to move along the 26 kilometres. The next test was to determine the same, but in the other direction. Both tests were succesful. Both tests were also streamed live all over the internet, and through various live feeds and it was very exciting watching those.

I'm only glad that this is already greater than anything space exploration has brought to us.

Even google is in on the fun.
Live analysis, and a live feed from the control room of the LHC can be found here

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;By Blogger Um Khalid, at September 10, 2008 11:50 PM  
gThey're events like these that make me dislike the fact that I am not a 50-something year old European physicist.

I so wish I was at CERN today, even if it meant being the one who's washing the toilets



;By Blogger yuseff, at September 13, 2008 2:39 AM  
gYeah I read about it earlier this afternoon! Sounds like such a big thing, yet everyone here is so clueless about it


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